It’s the world famous, Art All Night - Trenton International Film Festival! The Art All Night film fest puts a spotlight on 150+ selections from more than 34 countries including film shorts, music videos, kid-friendly films we'll have something for every film enthusiast!

The AAN Film Fest also features an 8pm showing of “Out All Night”. A film specifically created for Art All Night. Join us at 8pm on Saturday for the story of a day in the life of an “uber” driver. Ten different stories, Ten directors, One day in the life of an “Uber” Driver.


3:30 PM
Dr. Dreadlock, Conga Line - Wake Up (Music Video) 
Runtime: 3:01
Marcin Janiec - Director

3:33 PM
The Heist (Music Video) 
Runtime: 4:00
Slick Steve and the Gangsters are guests in a television program. Their performance starts but Steve, the frontman, looks different. As a matter of fact, the real Steve has been kidnapped and held hostage in a hiding place somewhere in the countryside. Lady, a heroine armed with a baseball bat, bursts into the den of criminals. It’s payback time!
Selin - Director

3:37 PM
1,000 Faces In 90 Seconds
Runtime: 1:29
Samuel Ashurov - Director

3:39 PM
Knight Knight
Runtime: 4:12
This fantasy-comedy follows the quest of Sir Eric as he journeys to rescue and marry the princess. The only thing is, there might be a few set backs along the way.
Skyler Smith - Director

3:45 PM
Selfie Stick
Runtime: 1:00
A man is stuck to his... selfie? stick
Alberto Mazarro - Director

3:46 PM
Cool Cat (Music Video)
Runtime: 3:59
“Cool Cat” is not just a random love story. Stereolizza is on a whimsical adventure of dating 6 cat-headed men that are afraid of the ocean, hide in trees, eat raw fish and drink milk from wine glasses! She finds it tough to deal with, but only until she meets a cute tabby at an empty bar! Six real cats were cast for the music video to match the looks and the characters of human actors. 
Kateryna Shalayeva a.k.a Sterolizza - Director

3:50 PM
Runtime: 2:32
A classic love story between a girl and a boy on a first date. Well, not really. That’s kind of misleading.
Phil Healy - Director

3:53 PM
The Goat
Runtime: 2:20
The patience of Dan is tested when his housemate James brings home a goat. Yes, a goat.
James Button - Director

3:56 PM
Every Songbird Says (Music Video) 
Runtime: 3:40
Music video for Sam Beam (Iron and wine) and Jesca Hoop. Two little kids in love go wild in the nature.
Nach Rodriguez - Director

4 PM
Paths of Light
Runtime: 4:20
“Paths of Light” is an abstract poetic journey that appeals the observer pure imagination.
Nelson Fernanders - Director

4:05 PM
Spin Cycle
Runtime: 1:00
An experimental animation project inside a bicycle wheel that runs the gamut of animation techniques, including line, 3D, After Effects, zoetrope and stop motion. A fun and beautiful world to ride through!
Mathew Amonson - Director

4:06 PM
Save the Earth
Runtime: 3:43
In this film we are using our bodies, wanted to show the need for all people on earth to stop and think about to what we are moving and what are the consequences of human activities on Earth.
Ruslan Bokach - Director

4:10 PM
Runtime: 1:12
It’s late and Nick is reading in bed. His night lamp flickers in a strange way. He turns the lamp off, only to turn it back on and find himself in another room. That’s just the start of a long and weird night.
Max Machado - Director

4:12 PM
Seaduction: the tale of a tail
Runtime: 10:00
Seductive creatures have emerged from the depths of the sea: Aglae and Thelgo, handmaidens of Amphitrite, an ancient Greek deity whose marine realm has been violated and exploited by unscrupulous and greedy men.
Domenico de Ceglia - Director

4:22 PM
Saverne - Hendrix (Music Video) 
Runtime: 3:22
A fully animated and hand-drawn music video for the electro-indie band Saverne. Our hero is a lone cowboy cruising around the wasteland on his motorcycle and things getting more and more weird. Or was that just a hallucination?
Airplan Studio - Director

Savant: Kali 47 (Music Video) 
Runtime: 3:00
Undead dark riders invade a wild west saloon, blasting away everyone in sight - now only a bad-ass Native American warrior can save the town. A steampunk, supernatural, wild west, epic action-thriller with killer special effects. A thrill ride from music mastermind Savant and director/vfx artist Mike Diva.
Michael Dahlquist aka Mike Diva - Director

4:30 PM
Aerosol Addict: Cursed By Creativity
Runtime: 5:10
A short documentary based on a San Antonio, Texas artist known for many things including graffiti.
Marie J. Magdaleno - Director

4:36 PM
The Candle
Runtime: 5:54
The inspirational story of how New York City street artist Marthalicia Matarrita and her brothers overcame poverty and harsh living conditions with their passion for art.
Dan Perez - Director

4:42 PM
Meres One - The Light of 5Pointz
Runtime: 6:36
Meres One was the C.E.O. of 5POINTZ, the mecqua of graffiti art in NY. After years and years of passion, the place of 5POINTZ was threatened to close. This documentary is a part of it history.
Alexandre Degardin - Director

4:50 PM
La Pintura
Runtime: 3:15
La Pintura is a graffiti documentary that reveals the motivation, purpose and commitment of Latin and South African graffiti writers. La Pintura shows an image of these writers that risk life to paint vandal graffiti in places where corruption, crime and economical issues are everyday business.
Cinegringos - Director

4:54 PM
A Visit
Runtime: 11:54
Hesham is an egyptian student. He was imprisoned for 6 month for painting graffiti
Alaadin Assem - Director

5:06 PM
Roma: The Silent Film
Runtime: 25:15
Josh, an aspiring pianist, falls in love with a theater dancer named Roma, but their relationship is challenged by her ex-fiancé Dean, a vigilant womanizer. This modern day silent film is carried by instrumental music of various genres while keeping to the classic look of black and white cinema.
Adam Gonzalez - Director

5:32 PM
I Need A Whole Lot
Runtime: 25:00
Follow Recording Artist/Actor Big OOH! on the most important days of his young career: Opening Up for Jadakiss at the Patriots Theater. Earlier that week, Big OOH! made his acting debut on FOX “Empire”.
Will Foskey - Director

5:56 PM
My Mother only had one eye
Runtime: 3:24
Short sad animation with a powerful moral tale.
Joseph Nason - Director

6 PM
Star Wars Vergence
Runtime: 7:10
On a back water planet, a young boy discovers his true potential
Josh Martin - Director

6:08 PM
Runtime: 5:20
One day in the life of a very greedy girl.
Sacha Brodeur - Director

6:14 PM
In The Wind
Runtime: 3:25
When you’ve lost everything, all you need is love. A post apocalyptic, steampunk, stop motion letter of hope. Music by Shawn Lidster.
Julian Grant - Director

6:18 PM
Not The End
Runtime: 4:53
Robots came to destroy the Earth, but in the end....
Pedro Valvo - Director

6:23 PM
Runtime: 12:13
Three rebellious girls burn rubber and leave no survivors on an inexplicably wild ride that mixes French New Wave pastiche with pulpy, post-modern stylization.
Maverick Moore - Director

6:36 PM
Brown Bag
Runtime: 10:29
What’s in the bag? A guy picks up a suspicious stranger who carried a mysterious brown bag. He retells the story to his two best friends the next day who become obsessed with the finding out the secret contents of the bag.
Kris West - Director

6:47 PM
Runtime: 14:19
In this re-telling of the classic American folk tale, a reclusive man living in a cabin with his hungry hunting dog are stalked by a creature with sharp teeth, claws, and glowing yellow eyes after a blind shotgun blast severs the creatures tail. The hermit begins to question his own sanity as the unseen menace lurking in the shadows of the lonesome woods hauntingly taunts “tailypo, tailypo, give me back my tailypo.”
Cameron McCasland - Director

7:02 PM
River of Blood (Music Video) 
Runtime: 3:04
River of blood is high art conceptual music video that with imagery laced with femininity: flowers, watermelons, eggs, the female form. There are moments of intimacy and moments of struggle with the main character against herself and her environments.
Leila Jarman - Director

7:06 PM

Soul (Music Video) 
Runtime: 4:03
The journey of a young samurai girl — on her quest for vengeance. 
Ruben Jimenez Sanz - Director

7:11 PM
Creepy Walking
Runtime: 4:38
After being fired, Johnny would never predict he would go through a bad patch...
Helton Ladeira - Director

7:16 PM
Runtime: 2:00
The symbolic vision for the contemporary artist / poet private understanding of cultural backgrounds, a performance-stuffing the product to the outside world, the search for new ideas. 
Galya Shiyan - Director

7:18 PM
Olivier De Sagazan - The Ship of fools
Runtime: 8:22
Profile on Artist Oliver Sagazan, a painter and sculptor, but seen as more of a virus that must parasitize the brains of others. 
Alexandre Degardin - Director

Ghoul’s Night Out
Runtime: 22:00
Mark Witlock was driving under the influence one night and hits a boy on a bike. Now the boy is stalking his family to get his revenge on Mark in Ghoul’s Night Out.
Ryan Scott Weber - Director

8 PM
Runtime: Two hours
For the past 2 years the Art All Night film festival has had an event film. This year it’s OUT ALL NIGHT, the story of a day in the life of an “uber” driver. !0 different stories, 10 directors, 1 day in the life of an “uber” Driver. 

10 PM
Youth, Go to Waste!
Runtime: 17:25
While carrying out a staged kidnapping heist, 3 college dropouts have a wild weekend, pushing their limits with drugs & bodily assault.
Samuel Valenti - Director

10:20 PM
La Misma Piel
Runtime: 4:31
We all have the same skin. 
Eduardo Casanova - Director

10:25 PM
Girl on Girl
Runtime: 7:00
A familiar face is sent to challenge a traitorous assassin on the run from her former handlers.
Tom White - Director

10:32 PM
Mortal Nightmare
Runtime: 8:30
Kim is a teenager who is being tormented by a Clawed Killer in his dreams. As Kim tries to stay awake overnight by Playing a Martial arts video game, he inevitably gets pulled into the dream world, and now has to face the clawed man covered in burn scars. But this time, Kim has a surprise for the guy who haunts his dreams...
Ahmet Atalay - Director

10:41 PM
Eat My Shit
Runtime: 3:30
Samantha chose not to be born that way. Samantha is tired of people laughing.
Eduardo Casanova - Director

10:45 PM
Runtime: 3:35
“In a strange and unusual place, each face of the forest has a story to tell. Be careful where you tread or you could wind up... bewildered.”
Phillip Andrews - Director

10:49 PM
Staring at the Lines (Music Video) 
Runtime: 3:07
In a desert land crossed by an endless road, only a wide blue sphere stands. The city inside is transparent and fragmented, so are the surrealistic occupants. 
Felicen Colmet-Daage - Director

10:53 PM
Grey Sunday Proxy Rmx
Runtime: 4:46
A Copy For Collapse “Grey Sunday Proxy Rmx”
Andrea Corsini - Director

10:58 PM
Little Party Queen (Music Video)
Runtime: 3:08
In a world of glitter and skin-tight Lycra, will Travis regain his honour during this final and reckless Chinese Finger Wrestling duel against Hogan, his sworn enemy?
Etienne Fu-Le Saulnier - Director

11:02 PM
A Christmas Horror Story
Runtime: 18:27
It’s Christmas Eve 1987 and a group of selfish fashion victims are stuck in an old theatre as a maniac axe wielding Santa is on the loose!
Mathew Kister - Director

11:21 PM
Boob Slinger
Runtime: 3:50
There is a woman who is living as a gun slinger hiding her boobs.One day,when she comes by a town,a cow boy happen to see her boobs and cry.”Big Boobs!”She gets mad and shoots him in the head. A big tragedy is going to happen to the small town.
Tomohiko Iwasaki - Director

11:25 PM
Muscle Face - DJ Remix
Runtime: 0:43
An anxious man faces off against a dysfunctional car stereo system.
Conor Reed - Director

11:26 PM
The dream that Nida Chua dreamed on the morning of May 25,1985
Runtime: 5:30
The Philippines, 1985: We pass through the threshold of a pregnant teenage girl’s fears and embark on an excursion into the collective unconscious of a nation in turmoil.
Jordan de la Cruz - director

11:32 PM
Oblivion Season
Runtime: 2:38
An ex-prostitute starts a new life by marrying her loved one but leaving the shadow of her dark past is not as easy as it seemed before. Now she is the prisoner of her loved one and to earn her freedom she should fight with the masculine society.
Abbas Rafei - Director

11:35 PM
Young, Rich and Radical - Club Coeval (Music Video)
Runtime: 3:07
Music Video for the song “Young, Rich and Radical”, by the french band “Club Cheval”. The video depicts a group of young adults facing the option to try an assortment of different drugs, which are ultimately refused in a sweeping act of discipline. “Y,R & R” features models dumping glasses of wine, blowing drugs away, and even saying “no” to eccentric wardrobe choices.
Laura Weaver - Director

11:39 PM
Born for Pain - Dance With The Devil
Runtime: 3:30
Dance with the devil again and again, looking for answers and misery’s end. While we dance with the devil, choosing the path from which we never come back.
Into Carboni - Director

12 PM
DJ Jay Kountree Spinning an original
soundtrack to “City Lights” Live!!

Runtime: Two Hours

2 AM
Frankenstein Created Bikers
Runtime: 2:04
A resurrected outlaw biker finds himself addicted to the substance that brought him back from the grave. In order to get his daily fix, his gang is forced to do the bidding of two sadistic scientists attempting to capture a biological mutation and perform a human head transplant on kidnapped teenagers. 
James Bickert - Director

4:05 AM
Anima Radix
Runtime: 3:00
A journey of metamorphosis to emerge from a dark world.
Fernando Silva De la Cruz - Director

4:08 AM
Mostly Useless
Runtime: 5:48
Various cartoons experience strange occurrences, reflect upon their purpose, and ultimately struggle to find their place in the world.
Connor O’Rourke - Director

4:14 AM
Runtime: 4:23
The story of a man who lives in a stifled society and is under the pressure from everywhere. All these suppression make him to start sabotaging the world he’s living in internally and externally.
Ashkan Rahgozar - Director

4:19 AM
Runtime: 3:26
A man walks home, alone. Or at least that what he thinks.
Alexander B. Kinter - Director

4:23 AM
And the stars were shining
Runtime: 2:52
An expressionist view to a classical masterpiece of the Italian Opera tradition: Puccini’s “E lucevan le stelle” from Tosca. Mario Cavaradossi is awaiting execution in his prison cell in Saint Angel Castle in Rome, but his thoughts go to his lover Tosca and to the happiest moments of his life. The result is complete desperation.
Gabriele Esposito - Director

4:26 AM
At Home with The Play Banies: COOKING WITH WHORELA
Runtime: 7:39
A new lifestyle program for The Play Baby in all of you. Follow Whorela Hoops as she carefully creates a decadent meal in her stately home. The Luncheon Loaf Gelatin Mold will surely take care of the entire family... For good.
Matt Boyle - Director

4:34 AM
The Hand
Runtime: 5:50
A man whom murdered his wife when she splashed vitriol to his face and destroyed it. A man, whenever he look in to mirror, whenever he saw his face, trying to forget his anger towards his wife by vandalising other women. So who is the next victim?
Osman Ekmen - Director

4:40 AM
“Slartibartfast” (Music Video) 
Runtime: 1:52
“Slartibartfast” (video by Marinah Janello and music by Yearnst) embodies various expressions of human/animal companionship. In this music video, a pug and her human become one as they share each other’s likeness, occupy the same spaces, and allow themselves to fall in love.
Marinah Janello - Director

4:42 AM
Ballata Dell’ipocondria
Runtime: 6:25
A path for music and images suspended between narration and experimentation, technology and tribalism.
Antonello Matarazzo - Director

4:50 AM
Samurai Jew: The Eighth Night
Runtime: 3:40
The first chapter in the adventures of Samurai Jew, a Jewish super warrior.
Nadav Nachmany - Director

4:54 AM
Slaypril Fools Day Part V: The Last Laugh
Runtime: 5:58
Slaypril Fools Day is a fictional film series that exists the Mycho Universe, It features the worlds first Time Travelling Slasher Villian “The Prankster”. Starring in 6 fictional movies the Time Jumping, Space Hopping, Hood Chopping serial slasher has been causing havoc across horror cliches since 1982. Now he’s travelled through time to finish what he started and using the time stream to get the upper hand against his victims. But this time... the Jokes on him.
MJ Dixon - Director

5 AM
The Chastening
Runtime: 0:22
A junkie finds refuge inside the confessional of an abandoned church. What could possibly go wrong?
Lorenzo Fassina - Director

5:01 AM
The Cleopatruim
Runtime: 2:27
The future. Hitch-hiking, a student Mike meets an adult friend, a pick up master, who shows him around the community of weird inhabitants of the Cleopatrium city. Two guys, a youngster and an adult, attempt to survive in an anti-utopian city ruled by the female dominance and strict control.
Edward Mavskegg - Director

5:04 AM
Runtime: 2:00
This projection-on-sand stopmotion visualises and discribes the search for his identity and his point of view.
Nils Janssens - Director

5:06 AM
The Clitoris
Runtime: 3:16
Women are lucky, they get to have the only organ in the human body dedicated exclusively for pleasure: the clitoris! In this humorous and instructive animated documentary, discover its unrecognized anatomy and its unknown herstory.
Lori Malepart-Traversy

5:10 AM
Castillo y el Armado
Runtime: 13:46
Castillo is a young dockworker who lives in the coast between Brazil and Uruguay. On a windy night, he faces his own brutality on the line of the fishhook.
Pedro Harres - Director

5:24 AM
Neighbor Below
Runtime: 2:39
A man steps into a bath and realizes to his surprise that he has company: a different being, the likes of which he has never seen. His encounter with the other sets off a musical interaction, a tentative body dialogue.
Camilla Linden - Director

5:27 AM
Runtime: 4:55
HEARD is an animated short film following a frustrated artist’s journey through his own artistic development as he struggles to find his voice in a world built on silence. The film showcases the digital 2D animation process beginning with rough visuals building to full-color animation. This process evolves to greater illustrate the character’s growth and progression of his journey.
David Howard - Director

5:32 AM
Kidding My Puberty
Runtime: 2:00
A school boy wants to pursue a prostitute, but is actually treated as a male prostitute by the woman!!!
Xiaoyin Liu - Director

5:34 AM
Mama’s Little Man
Runtime: 3:30
On this Mother’s Day, do what your Mama wants. Even if it’s being her “Little Man” again.
Michael Barra - Director

5:38 AM
My Little Fish
Runtime: 1:46
One minute film about our little sacrifices in the name of true love.
Daniel Lavian - Director

5:40 AM
Can’t Drink The Water (Music Video) 
Runtime: 2:33
Music Video “Can’t Drink The Water” for the Irish band Suan
Carla Mooney - Director

5:43 AM
End The Circle (Music Video) 
Runtime: 1:55
Music video. allegory. This is the author’s view on the eternity. The struggle between good and evil.
Vladimir Sumashedov - Director

5:50 AM
If You Wait (Music Video) 
Runtime: 4:44
IF YOU WAIT is a doll animation with both live pictures and stop motion. The Animation is made for the song “If you Wait” performed by Teitur and composed by Teitur Lassen.
Sara Nanna - Director

5:55 AM
Restart (Music Video) 
Runtime: 3:28
Alpha Sock, Hippie Sock, Jock Sock and Dork Sock have one thing in common – the series of abuse and humiliation that their former owners put them through. 
Tonni Zinck - Director

6 AM
The Terror at the House on the Hill of Deaths and Horror III: The Return of the Evil Within the Ghostly Realm
Runtime: 0:30
A totally-normal, average-looking High School quarterback is dared to stay in a Haunted House for the evening. Will he survive!?
Jake Sanders - Director

6:01 AM
Bionic Girl
Runtime: 14:14
A scientist has created her own android clone to replace her in the outside world so that it can face it for her.
Stephanie Cabdevila - Director

6:16 AM
Runtime: 16:03
Housed in a mental institution, Sandra fights for her sanity. Sandra is convinced that a demonic figure, calling himself Edmond, is taking over her body. For her own safety, Sandra’s psychiatrist Dr. Thompson puts her in isolation. Sandra begs Edmond to end her torment. Will Edmond be Sandra’s salvation or demise?
Wayne Pombert II - Director

6:32 AM
Why No Be Beautiful? 
Runtime: 7:13
A sound remix of the TV documentary Why Not Be Beautiful? (1969, Handed Film Corporation) made with appropriated images from vintage stag, burlesque, underground and BDSM movies. 
Sabrina Luna - Director

6:40 AM
How I Became You
Runtime: 3:02
A short film about self-censorship, imposed behavioral norms, opinions and attitudes which ultimately lead to the crucifixion of one’s personality. The film begins with the retrospective memory of the earliest days of author’s childhood, and continues toward the present day, showing the process of changing and forging one’s personality. 
Ivana Zivkoic - Director

6:44 AM
Runtime: 3:28
The video, “Nancy,” follows a delusional woman attempting to create her own dream reality giving us glimpses of a personality comprised of antithetical characteristics. Nancy’s external composure conceals underlying impulsivity. Comprised of exaggerated characteristics of my own maternal relatives, “Nancy” addresses the claustrophobia of domesticity and the inability to escape subliminal psychological expectations.
Kaeley Boyle - Director

6:48 AM
90 C
Runtime: 5:46
Nowadays, it’s essential to be ready for everything, especially when you desire to become an actress! 
Nicolas Romieu - Director

6:54 AM
Your Gay Thoughts - To Disappear (Music Video) 
Runtime: 3:23
densuke28- Director

7 AM
Runtime: 4:27
A good dog has trouble behaving himself.
J. Ellis Evans - Director

7:05 AM
Do You Hear Me?
Runtime: 4:07
Mónica is an ordinary girl. She lives in an ordinary flat, in an ordinary block. Everything in her life is ordinary. She likes music and dancing, ordinary things. But her ordinary world may suddenly change.
Fernando G. Pilego  - Director

7:09 AM
Runtime: 5:25
Pregnant Molly has more than the natural amount of anxiety regarding her unborn twins. With her husband stationed overseas, she must rely on her mother to help her get through her chronic nightmares and hallucinations. It not until she meets a strange, somewhat familiar woman in the waiting room that Molly wonders if something more nefarious is at hand. keywords: Alien movies, alien-human hybrids, cloning, twins, experiments, dream, sleep paralysis, female directors, female writers, all female cast.
Stephanie Yuhas - Director

7:15 AM
Runtime: 7:00
Short self portrait about life of a Hikikomori.
Sergio Alvarez - Director

7:22 AM
Fals Allegory
Runtime: 1:43
False allegory is an abstract audio/visual landscape brought to life by the pairing of animation by Greg Doble and music of Woulg.
Greg Doble - Director

7:24 AM
Runtime: 3:38
A performative documentary focusing on webcam models in the digital sex industry, examining both sides of the ongoing debate regarding sex work as exploitative or empowering.
Luke Meneok - Director

7:28 AM
Ogris Debris - See The World
Runtime: 3:53
Can you see the world? In a motion somewhere between old shoot ‘em up game and scrolling the web we fly through a world full of metaphores depicting various topics without being too finger-pointing.
LWZ - Director

7:32 AM
Holy City
Runtime: 2:40
In Jerusalem, it’s not unusual to wake up in the morning and find that all the outdoor ads near your house that depict women have been defaced. Some ultra-Orthodox Jews believe that any depiction of the female form is immodest and some will even go out at night and deface such such Jewish vigilante who parkurs throughout Jerusalem while spray painting the eyes of offensive depictions of females. At a visit to the Kotel it gets trippy when it turns out that the holy city of Jerusalem is in fact a beautiful woman.
Mor Galperin - Director

7:35 AM
Michel #52
Runtime: 1:18
Michel #52 is a collaboration between Music and animation. It is also the last episode of a weekly experimental music and animation projetct from february 2015 to february 2016. One year, 52 weeks, 52 animations.
Shawy/Adri - Directors

7:37 AM
Hoosky - Rush Hour
Runtime: 4:20
Rush Hour. Two men waiting in a car, until one of them decides to insert in the car stereo a mysterious tape on which it’s written “Rush Hour”. This is the beginning of a chaotic and surreal adventure, driven by Hoosky’s music.
Remi Boulnois - Director

7:42 AM
The Beard
Runtime: 7:03
My diploma film is about a man who loved and adored his beard and lived with her in perfect harmony, until suddenly he meets a woman. The man turns his attention to the woman, thereby causing a love triangle.The Beard jealous man, and in every way prevents him and the girl closer.
Sofya Badalova - Director

7:50 AM
Le passeur d’armes
Runtime: 3:52
Video clip for the French artist Forever Pavot. The clip shows a biker having fun with birds. But they don’t find this funny.
Neco Flud - Director

7:54 AM
Runtime: 3:55
Confessions is an interview of an eminent personality, but who ?
Phili Carron - Director

8 AM
Runtime: 4:00
It’s an uncut and continuous adventure from the point of view of a man who rides on a roller coaster where different events happen in sync with the music that is played.
Ashkan Rahgozar - DIrector

8:04 AM
Sole Music
Runtime: 3:20
On a street filled with foot-tapping solo melodies, one pair of battered shoes always strike the wrong note. But a chance encounter gives them an opportunity to finally play in harmony.
John Batchelor - Director

8:08 AM
Manfred the Monkey
Runtime: 1:35
Manfred is a spry, jazzy monkey that gladly gives us poor human souls lessons on life. Society asks questions, Manfred answers whilst dancing on a jazzy tune.
Amanda Nedermeijer - Director

8:10 AM
Fly Away DJ
Runtime: 2:40
A fly sneaks into a woman’s room, dives into her ear and throws a crazy all night party on her brain!
Jasmine Lewis - Director

8:13 AM
Jumpin’ Jack
Runtime: 3:23
‘Jumpin’ Jack’ is a Jazz Age inspired, animated music video about a short kid in a tall world who finds a way of measuring up on his own.
Grant Whitsitt - Director

8:17 AM
Os Azeitonas - Cinegirasol
Runtime: 5:21
In an era of multiplexes, streaming, dvd’s and blu-rays, António Feliciano attempts to keep the magic of itinerant cinema alive, projecting epic adventures and thrilling romances in a stretched cloth sheet at various town squares all over the south of Portugal. Amongst the audience is a shy young man looking for the courage to declare is love...but how will he overcome his stylish rival and win the heart of the most beautiful girl in the neighbourhood?
Bruno Caetano - Director

8:23 AM
Mysterious Orbs
Runtime: 0:15
Berkeley, California. 1987. A childhood Easter egg hunt goes horribly wrong.
Dave Merson Hess - DIrector

8:24 AM
Runtime: 3:24
An unusuall character spends her life trying to raise and protect a plant. This is the official music video for the song Yeladim by Eviatar Banai
Nadav Nachmany - Director

8:28 AM
Runtime: 1:20
A little girl uses her imagination to turn everything to color.
Florentina Perez - Director

8:30 AM
Jack the Rabbit
Runtime: 1:36
A tired Rabbit tries to take a nap and is suddenly interrupted by a city wide demonic invasion, he is forced to wake from his slumber and defeat the enemies and push them back to their dimension, all the while
avoiding costly damage to his city.
Steven Woolley - Director

8:32 AM
The Rush
Runtime: 3:37
A little girl is drawing some musicians in a driving car where her parents are arguing. Suddenly she faces with her drawings being animated. She wants to show it to her mother, but mother thinks it’s trash and through it away.
Sahar Tarzi - Director

8:36 AM
Mega Guay
Runtime: 3:06
A boy will have to be the hero who has always wanted to be.
Raul Sanchez “kingtai” - Director

8:39 AM
Blind Test
Runtime: 0:31
What if a blind man was eating eyes...
Shawy - Director

8:40 AM
Runtime: 3:39
Combining 2d animation and live action footage, “Arrows: is the music video fot the song with the same name by the band Duoyu.
Thanos Psichogios - Director

8:44 AM
Ana Lucia
Runtime: 3:21
Ana Lucia has found a different way to see life.
Bruno Scopazzo - Director

8:48 AM
The Red Thunder
Runtime: 6:26
Sarah (Allie Grant, “Weeds”), a nerdy teenager, needs her mom’s brand new car to go on a date with Danny (Miles Heizer “Parenthood”), the boy she is in love with. Her mom, Dr. Thun (Karen Strassman, “Silicon Valley”), an absent minded Podiatrist is concerned about Sarah driving by the dangerous streets of downtown Los Angeles. She tells her daughter she may need her car if one of her patients has an emergency, but Sarah doesn’t buy it. After all Dr. Thun is just a Podiatrist... Sarah receives a message from Danny asking if she is going to pick him up and she decides to disobey her mom and steal the car. Little does she know the vehicle is actually part of a secret Dr. Thun keeps and this discovery will change Sarah’s life forever…
Alvaro Ron - Director

8:55 AM
City in 60  Seconds. Moscow. 
Presentation of the city in 1 minute
Sergey Nikolaev - Director

8:56 AM
The Bring Side
Runtime: 1:45
A little bat tries to fall asleep in the forest at sunrise.
Kelsey Ryan - Director

8:58 AM
The Paper Revolt
Runtime: 4:38
On an artist’s drawing board, a monster terrorizes his fellow sketches. But one day, a sketch decides to fight back and in the process radically changes the lives of everyone.
Ryan Rosendal - Director

9:03 AM
Runtime: 3:33
A young girl trapped inside a dark world decides to sacrifice her few resources so that she brings light to the inhabitants of that place.
Rodrigo Martinez - Director

9:07 AM
Juan and the Cloud
Runtime: 15:00
Juan is a child who doesn’t have any friends. La Nube is a cloud who doesn’t have any cloud friends. They find each other and become friends. However, Juan grows up and gets lost in the grey adult world.
Giovanni Maccelli - Director

9:22 AM
Goblin Girl
Runtime: 1:20
Goblin Girl receives a letter from the Goblin King insisting she come to the castle and be transformed into a gargoyle. Goblin Girl manages to outwit the arrogant king. He is forced to recite Pi forever. Goblin Girl has saved herself. Directed by 7 year old Marcy Florentino
Marcy Florentino - Director

9:24 AM
Lucas, Kevin, and the Technicolor Dream Watcher
Runtime: 5:47
A long awaited package arrives, allowing two stunning young lads to enter each other’s dreams
David Paris - Director

9:30 AM
Henrik the Troll
Runtime: 6:42
After seeing a little girl carrying a basket of muffins, a hungry troll devises a series of traps to catch her.
Mike Hale - Director

9:37 AM
Turn the Tables
Runtime: 3:39
Turn the Tables is a film about a young man named Norbert who is trying to make contact with people while going out for dinner in a restaurant. Unfortunately, he is a little bit socially awkward. Is he able to succeed? Or will he spend the evening by himself?
Raymonn Wittenberg - Director

9:41 AM
Bear Hugs
Runtime: 2:09
Bear Hugs is a story of an unusual friendships between two woodland creatures and the power of perseverance.
Masha Zarnitsa - Director

9:44 AM
A Terrific Adventure
Runtime: 10:26
If it anytime happens that you find a monster just by your bed... Don’t let him go!!! Something extraordinary could happen to you... This is how the story of this curious journey starts, a trip in which you can discover yourself, a courage and friendship adventure where you can learn how to fight against your most terrible fears. 
Cristina Vilches - Director

9:56 AM
Uncle Antlers  
Runtime: 5:22
A film on friendship and growing up.
Carla Veldman - Director

10:01 AM
Batman vs. Superman Hawaii
Runtime: 3:16
This is a very short movie showing a clash between Batman and Superman, along with other DC characters.
Keoni Maemori - Director

10:05 AM
Impossible Duel
Runtime: 3:30
A stormtrooper (Star Wars) always miss his target. A red shirt (Star Trek) always die. Who will win this duel?
Helvecio Parente - Director

10:06 AM
Harmonious Harlot
Runtime: 2:32
Harmonious Harlot is an animated, psychedelic, symphonic exploration of classical music made for symphony #2 by composer, Nathan Felix
Bill Traviz/Nathan Felix - Directors

10:09 AM
Runtime: 2:50
Sound by sound and frame by frame abstract audio-visual worlds are created. They tell of a journey – of self-discovery, acceptance and growth. An animated music video in collaboration with electronica artist »Koloto« alias Maria Sullivan from Canterbury (UK).
Sabine Volkert - Director

10:12 AM
Loco Jones
Runtime: 4:21
Junior and his father are about to discover the Holy Grial, but…
Jaime Garcia - Director

10:17 AM
Runtime: 2:31
A superhero - an emergency - a romance? They say that a hero can save us, will you stand here and wait? Whenever people are in danger, he will save the day and the damsel in distress.
Sebastian Matthias Weissbach - Director

10:20 AM
Shipping Anonymous
Runtime: 11:42
A group of passionate, misfit television fans are kicked out of the last remaining place with free wifi. They are forced to become a fake support group so that they may access the last remaining wifi hot spot at the ‘City Support Group Clinic’.
Courtney Brown - Director

10:32 AM
Runtime: 1:00
“Clara” uses a combination of experimental animation, live action, and found footage to pay tribute to legendary BBC radio DJ John Peel’s touching on-air reading of a letter from a teenage listener in 1981.
Dave Merson Hess - Director

10:33 AM
Ja Que Ta Que Fique (Music Video)
Runtime: 4:23
The famous gypsy joy, the strength of the russian tradition and the spontaneity of the Brazilian countryside culture... This mixture turned into the thrilling Brazilian Rural Manouche!
Diego Ruiz da Aquino - Director

10:38 AM
Inexplicable (Music Video) 
Runtime: 4:21
The latest music video from The Correspondents catapults us on an inexplicable journey through Mr Bruce’s very black and white subconscious. He takes us on a trip through cardboard cut-out dreamscapes that are inhabited by a chorus of living illustrations. 
Christina Hardinge - Director

10:43 AM
Runtime: 3:35
A mesmerizing trip to dancing fluids. Official music video for “Care” by Robot Koch and Julien Marchal. Released on Monkeytown records.
Michael Le Goff - Director

10:47 AM
Tungevaag & Raaban - Parade (Music Video) 
Runtime: 3:21
A small village gets unexpected guests in the middle of the night. With swords and viking helmets the guests look frightening at first, but are they as violent as they look?
Christian Schussler - Director

10:51 AM
Skateboarding - Into the Jungle
Runtime: 3:37
A skateboard film showcasing skateboard and longboard tricks with a jungle theme
David Paris - Director

10:55 AM
Stay Alive
Runtime: 9:58
A documentary about skaters’ life and culture in Bristol
Hyunjee Song - Director

11:05 AM
Roller Derby in the Low Countries
Runtime: 9:08
In this short documentary, we take a look at the history and future of roller derby in the Netherlands, while also touching on subjects such as image and the rise of men’s teams in this traditionally female sport. We explore these subjects with the help of the Dom City Dolls, the roller derby league from Utrecht.
Luuk Keijser - Director

11:15 AM
Outlangish - Skateboarding Against Poverty
Runtime: 8:38
Outlangish is a South African social project that offers kids from disadvantaged areas in Cape Town an alternative to life on the streets through skateboarding. The sport of skating gives them the opportunity to learn a lot about themselves and their environment. It unifies young people and will keep them in positive spirits.
Tim Drabandt - Director

11:24 AM
First Love
Runtime: 7:48
Four skaters share their deep connection with skateboarding and the role it has played in their life. The story of how the relationship began, why they love it, and how it has impacted their life is told through their personal stories.
Jake Lurvey - Director

11:32 AM
Iphone Edit
Runtime: 1:20
Skate clip of Dom Marcoccia to the jazzy tunes of Hiatus Kaiyote
Omer Eldor - Director

11:34 AM
Pieces of Boredom
Runtime: 8:43
Trapped in their everyday life, two young boys try to find excitement in parties, love, alcohol. But boredom is the same everywhere.
Damien Stein - Director

11:43 AM
3 the New Normal
‘3’ is the story of Cal, Maya and Brittney, and how their Polyamorous Relationship is just as traditional as any other. What makes ‘3’ a special story, is displaying how polyamorous relationships affect their everyday lives, as well as the relationships around them. Our story is based on the life of screenwriter, Jamala ‘Alamaj’ Kidd.
Will Foskey - Director

The Joke’s On You
Runtime: 25:00
An up and coming comedian struggles with anxiety and past as he comes back into stand up comedy.
Ron Saunders - Director

12:25 PM
Runtime: 4:05
Do Black lives really matter?
Roshon Tyson - Director

12:30 PM
A King’s Betrayal
Runtime: 8:27
The final 24 hours in the life of a Piñata, as told from the Piñata’s perspective.
David Bernstein - Director

12:39 PM
Bigiano - Tonight (Music Video) 
Runtime: 3:35
The concept of the music video entitled “Bigiano - Tonight” is about the artist Bigiano being presented as the king of the underworld – and his dozens of dark followers, who are pilgrimaging to see him. 
Fanon Kabwe/Tim Drabant - Directors

12:43 PM
Are you there? - Keys to the Cadillac (Music Video) Runtime:
Runtime: 4:00
A man fights for the love of his life, but she’s getting married.
Allan Sconza Jr. - Director

12:47 PM
Requiem for Nickelodeon Slime
Runtime: 2:00
Based on a true story that took place at Nickelodeon Studios... sometime in the 90’s.
Taylor James Johnson - Director

12:50 PM
Like Me, Like a Joker  
Runtime: 18:20
Web Fan Series focused on Batman’s universe. 
For the first time the stories of Gotham City and its characters are told by an enigmatic storyteller, the better enemy of the Dark Knight: the Joker. Through the past, present and future you will discover the reasons that made the famous characters of the Batman saga as we know them. Digging into their origins, you will see old and new faces fighting each other in unknown battles, listen their secrets and revealing confessions and follow the heroes and the villains until the end of their destiny. Because the fight is eternal until we make fun of it.
Bruno Carmelo Mirabella - Director

1:09 PM
Harley’s Day Off
Runtime: 10:43
Welcome to Gotham City, where a simple day off can result in your every day life turning into an absolute nightmare. Follow Harley Quinn as she experience her first day off in quite a while.
Martin Lafrance - Director

1:20 PM
Hunting - Secret (Music Video) 
Runtime: 3:18
A story of romantic betrayal, shot in reverse slow-motion.
Alex Gabbott - Director

1:24 PM
Hurry Up
Runtime: 4:50
At rush hour, a fruit crowd throngs into the metro against frantic pace of the music until the last stop: the supermarket.
Reumont Margot - Director

1:29 PM
Runtime: 12:35
Jared Kutoroff has always been battling the odds. Regardless of his circumstances he constantly manages to get through the rough times with an optimistic attitude towards life. There’s never a dull moment.
Jake Roseman - Director

1:42 PM
Last Judgment
Runtime: 2:59
50 years ago, the Culture Revolution took place in China. This short story happened on that special time period, but can be more than that…
Junyi Xiao - Director

1:45 PM
Runtime: 4:32
The content of this work is about code, the code that surrounds us, that builds the chains of life, the code that is the source of all living and non living structures. is there a relation between the macro and the micro world? has a bug a similar surface as the moon? 
Nikolaus Jantsch - Director

1:50 PM
One Day with a Tattoo Artist
Runtime: 3:30
Short documentary about the italian tattoo artist Simona Ercole, a dedicated and creative person who really loves what she does.
Michelangelo Torres - Director

1:54 PM
Runtime: 5:00
Jules Not Jude “Pillowlize”
Andrea Corsini - Director

1:59 PM
Portal to Hell!!! 
Runtime: 12:20
A crusty and recluse superintendent is thrown into the ultimate fight against evil when a couple of cultists open a portal to the ancient and mysical city of R’lyeh, awakening slumbering god. Starring ROWDY RODDY PIPER.
Vivieno Caldinelli - Director

2:12 PM
Runtime: 6:51
An insomniac is tormented by a dark presence.
Manny Serrano - Director

2:19 PM
Runtime: 9:56
When Harris runs out of toilet paper his world turns into a literal nightmare from which there may be no escape because true darkness comes from within.
Phil Haine - Director

2:29 PM
The Abducted
Runtime: 5:15
A killer has a group of abducted girls. One escapes, then the others try as well. He has simple rules: “If you try to escape, you die.”
Larry Rosen - Director

2:35 PM
Larry Gone Demon
Runtime: 14:00
A frenetic, punk-rock nightmare centering on one asshole of a roommate. When three twenty-somethings must deal with the incorrigible and incredibly demonic Larry, they risk life and limb in an attempt to save the soul of their once-kind-and-unassuming friend while also procuring his five-hundred dollars in back rent.
Matthew Lawrence - Director  

2:48 PM
Runtime: 7:13
A beautiful woman has her study afternoon interrupted when a man tries to woo her with an elaborate story about time travel.
Tomas Sposato - Director

2:56 PM
Runtime: 6:00
A designer has a dream to change the gritty streets he came from. After rising to the top of the fashion industry realizing he’s been a pawn all along and plans to expose the truth about the company in dramatic style at an investor’s party.
Marko Albrecht - Director